NWAPW -- Year 2

Open to the Public (UNencrypted) & Proud of It



Download TrackSim.zip

Code Snippets:

Java Benchmark(s)

Download Java wrapper for FlyCapture2 camera APIs

Presentation Transcripts

Self-Driving Test

Tech Topics


Notes to Myself (June 8 talk):


I'm supposed to give you a pep talk, but you are already motivated
(that's why you're here).
Most everything I might say is in the half-dozen web pages --
Did you read them? You need to.

New This Year:

1. Hardware! Last year camera, this year also servos
2. Computer: Last year any Win10, this year LattePanda+Arduino
3. Dependency: Last year cam driver, this year also servo drivers + sim
4. Pass the Torch! Last year GitHub, this year also WebSite

Background Familiarity:

0. Be able to use Java & GitHub
1. Be familiar w/hardware (LattePanda, Traxxas, Arduino, servos, C3 cam)
2. Understand the protocol for driving servos
3. Understand how to work with the video from camera (same as last year)
4. Download & install TrakSim in your computer & become familiar
5. Practice TS: maybe make or modify a track spec
6. (Optional) Modify TS to take mouse inputs to drive the sim car
7. Think about how to drive: data in -> algorithms -> control out
8. (Optional) Read up on the math
9. What do you see as your part in the project?

Task (Self-)Selection:

a. Image management
b. Steering
c. Speed
d. Artifact recognition & response
e. Firmata replacement in Arduino
f. 3D modelling
g. Telemetry (streaming video? remote control?)
h. Website

2018 June 11