The Revolving Church Door

Topics for Debate in a Contemporary Christian Setting, and Other Essays

(With apologies to Martin Luther's 95 Theses for the numbers)

Defend or Refute, either directly from Scripture, or else by sound logic based on Scripture (plus a few introspective essays):

223.  TBA

222. Trust: Why and How? You can trust a person who believes in Moral Absolutes, who will therefore comply with them even when nobody is looking, and you can trust a computer program he wrote (after the mistakes are corrected), but there can be no trust in programs written by people who only do moral calculus to see who pays the most, and especially no trust for "AI" programs that nobody knows how they do what they do.

221. Systemic Evil (There Ain't No Such Thing), there are only evil people doing Bad Things they wouldn't want done to themselves.

220. ChristianityToday on AI, and a better, more informed, way to see the problem.

219.  Das Kapital (Updated), Based on the Real World Facts, why Karl Marx is still Wrong. You get wealth by doing something that people want to pay for, and not otherwise.

218.  What Is Patronizing? and Patronizing in the Bible. There is no such thing, but if you think otherwise, then you are doing it.

217.  "It's a Fork" where language differences should not be seen as insults.

216.  "Tom, you are crazy!" But maybe not as crazy as the guy who said it is

215.  Two essays, Why Seaman? and ALL Lives Matter, very different in nominal topic, yet rooted in the same fundamental issue, which is: If you take somebody's money, you must give them in exchange the product they want to buy (also known as The Golden Rule).

214.  Unspeakable, the kind of anger God disapproves

213.  Sunday Meditations, prepared as a substitute for church during the Ban

212. On "Love", more thoughts about the Christian concept.

211. The Law of Love, what happens when you confuse two ideas into one word, and why Jesus and Paul didn't do that.

210.  A Christian View of Climate Change, global warming probably isn't happening, and it certainly isn't catastrophic. God said so.

209.  Dispensations, a way to nullify more than three quarters of Scripture

208.  Retro Romance, musing on the upsurge in retro technology

207.  Cooking for One, Tom Pittman's Personal Recipes

206.  How to Be a Success, My Advice to a Guy at Crossroads

205. The Story of My Life: I ask the Hard Questions, but it makes people really unhappy

204.  The Go Programming Language, why Java is better

203.  The Author of Hebrews, why I don't think it's Paul

202C++ for Java Programmers, Think in Java, but use C syntax

201Free Speech and the recent SCOTUS decision

200.  The Gift of Prophecy, why I don't think you have it.

199.  The Job Affair, God is neither helpless nor cruel, but He does deserve our unconditional love

198.  Why No Smart Phone, a more negative review than what you see out there from the gurus

197.  Computer Power, or Why "X-rated" Is for Adolescents, Not Adults

196.  Starting Up LattePanda, a more positive review than what you see out there from the gurus

195.  The Problem with 21st Century AI, why it is not intelligent

194Moral Absolutes (see also #160)

193.  Categories: Without a common dictionary there is no debate, only disagreement

192The "Only Begotten" Son, may be good theology, but it is not good Greek

191.  Biblical Teaching on Community, why there is none

190.  Language and Love, why men hear the Christian message differently than women

189.  Half a Computer, my first computer

188.  I Am Judge, a semi-fictional interpretation of how a Judger might think about his encounter with a Thinker-Perceiver

187.  Biblical Conflict Resolution, which is to walk away from it

186.  The Meaning of Matthew 18:15, which does not require confrontation to be in person

185.  Islam vs Christianity, why I believe we got it right

184.  About Slavery, Why the Biblical model resembles today more than anti-bellum deep South

183.  I Am the Control Group, in the experiment that few educated ("smart") people will be Christians

182Me & My Computer (video)

181Insights from Reading Greek & Hebrew

180.  Local Church Membership, Not a Biblical mandate

179.  OSX: Not Good Unix, and not so good at event-driven either

178.  Models of Church Government, Why the Baptists are not more Biblical

177.  Supernova 1987a, Why It Does Not Disprove Recent Creation

176.  Finding "Relationship, Not Religion" in the Bible (or rather, not finding it)

175.  Deus Ex Machina, or The True Computerist (1978 Proceedings of the West Coast Computer Faire, p.131)

174.  Relationshipism, A Case Study in Moral Ambiguity

173Thanking God for Factory Farms and Processed Food, and why they are better than "organic"

172Selfish Love, Why the gospel is not about "love"

171.  Accepting the Body God Gave Us, A Christian View of Sexuality

170.  Darwin of the Gaps: Atheists Coping with Their Own Illogic

169.  Presuppositional Apologetics -- Con (Pittman); Pro (open)

168.  Tax Deductions vs Subsidy

167.  Diversity, what it means, and what it means to me

166.  Things I Might Say (But Probably Won't Get a Chance)

165.  How to Fix the Health Care Problem

164.  A Tale of Three Operating Systems

163The Counterfeit Religion of Relationships (Relationshipism gives wrong results)

162.  Risk Management, and why it isn't options trading in the stock market

161.  A study on the nature of Wealth

160Ethics vs Morals -- Is there a difference in a universe with moral absolutes? (see also #194)

159.  Atheism and Ethics -- Can atheists be ethical, and why

158.  Mac: 21, God: 0 -- Thoughts on Evangelism and Vocation (1985)

157.  The Blind Watcher, a critique of Richard Dawkins' Blind Watchmaker (1988)

156.  Team Player & Relationshipism

155.  People's Choice Health Care, an alternative to ObamaCare that is not Evil

154.  Health Insurance Is the Problem, Not the Solution

153.  The arguments (For and) Against Relationshipism

152.  Language and Meaning

151.  Meditations on the passing of my mother

150.  Not Forbidden (But Not Recommended)

149.  King James Only, the issues

148.  Law & Justice

147.  The Love of Money

146.  The Burden of Truth

145.  Sin and Justice -- Pro (Pittman); Con (Cary Cook)

144.  Decorative Hair

143.  Chiastic Structure

142.  How to Make Relationships Work

141.  On Truth and Honesty

140.  On Control

139.  On Being a Friend

138.  On Persuasion

137.  On Being an Educator

136.  Legalism

135.  Open Source Truth

134.  The Problem With GPL

133.  The 9/11 Conspiracy -- Pro (Dennis Elenburg); Con (Pittman)

132.  Conspiracy Theories Are Always Wrong

131.  Winning the Game of Life

130.  The Cathedral and the Bazaar -- Pro (Eric Raymond); Con (Pittman)

129.  Thinker-Feeler Differences

128.  What Is a Relationship? ("not-angry")

127.  The Stock Market Is A Zero-Sum Game -- Pro (Pittman); Con (Motley Fool)

126.  Commerce informed by the Golden Rule, and why stock market trading generally fails at it

125.  An Internet-Secure [Laptop] Computer

124.  Cooperation: The Second Great Commandment

123.  Thought Experiments on the Text of the Bible

122.  Darwin and Democracy

121.  Why Zero is the First Number

120.  C++ Considered Harmful

119.  Exempting American Domestic Income from Tax -- Con (Pittman), Pro (Larken Rose)

118Health Care Directive

117.  Government Authority

116.  Values

115.  The Secular Case Against Homosexual Marriage

114.  The Libertarian Fallacy

113.  The Business of College

112.  As God Forgave Us

111.  Islam vs Us: Seeing it Differently

110Mistranslated words in the Bible

109.  Two Cultures

108.  Servant Leadership

107.  Reminiscences of an Early Game Programmer

106.  Meditations on the passing of my father

105.  Biological Evolution -- Con (Pittman); Pro (open)

104.  An Operating System for Real People -- Pro (Pittman); Con (open)

103.  A Case Study in Biblical Business Ethics -- Pro (Pittman); Con (open)

102.  Monetary Policy -- Con (Pittman); Pro (open)

101.  Is Tenure Blibical? -- Con (Pittman); Pro (open)

100.  White Paper: Turkish Demitasse, A Stronger Brew Than Java

99.  Collaboration in the Classroom -- Pittman

98.  The Object-Orientated Paradigm accurately models the Real World -- Pro (Sinan Si Alhir); Con (Pittman/TBA)

97.  The author of Genesis intended to teach 144-hour Creation Week -- Pro (Pittman); Con (open)

96.  The TNIV translation is more accurate than HCSB -- Pro (Pittman); Con (open)


All attributed positions expressed in this section are the opinion of the respective author(s).

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