Links to Free Online JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript is free and runs on all modern computers and there are numerous free tutorials explaining how to program in it. I have not read through most of these, they just turned up near the top when I googled "JavaScript tutorial" which usually means that a lot of people liked them and linked them in their own web pages.

You might want to start by learning a little HTML. You don't need much, but knowing your way around a web page will help in placing JavaScript in it. You do not need to know about CSS unless you want to make very complicated web pages that do not display well on the browsers you did not test them on.

Note: This page is not being maintained, so some of the links here may be/become broken. Sorry about that.

JavaScript -- a single page for easy saving; they also have small linked pages -- a single page without a lot of fluff, but not for beginners -- many pages, with lots of detail (probably best if studied online) -- seems to assume some sophistication even among beginners -- seems to assume some HTML knowledge
   see also their Beginner and HTML tutorials

JavaScript Reference (not a tutorial) on -- their pages are badly designed, and cannot be saved for offline review

HTML -- has obnoxious ads, but ads sometimes pay for better quality

Rev. 2017 April 22