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Remembering What You Told the Computer to Do

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Programming a computer usually involves a lot of typing. I don't know about you, but I make a lot of typing errors -- that's OK, it's what we have a Backspace key on the keyboard for -- and often I don't even know what I did wrong until much later. You can use the "Save" button to save your current script on the computer you are working on, and the Reload button to restore the saved copy, and that works fine today. But what if tomorrow you want to resume where you left off? What if you want to share your script with your friends, or show your family at home tonight what you did today?

That's what the internet is for. The LogIn button lets you define an account on the server hosting this website, then your Save button will save your script there, and the Reload will reload the same script no matter what computer you access it from, so long as you use the same name.

User Name

I recommend that you choose a "user name" that starts with your real name (for me that would be "Tom" or "TPittman"), then add an underscore "_" followed by some characters that only you know (but no spaces). When you click the LogIn button, there will be a place to type this made-up user name into, and a "New User" checkbox that you should check on this first time only. The next time you want to access the same account, leave the checkbox unchecked, but type in the same user name.

When you click the "Log Me In" button, the server will know who you are, and the window will show "Welcome Tom" (or rather your name, whatever you told it) to the right of the game and above the score.

You can only save one script in each account, but you can create as many accounts as you like, only that the part of the user name before the underscore must be different from all the rest.

If somebody else (or yourself, if you are in a hurry) logs in using only the part of the user name before the underscore, the server will accept you (or that other person) as a "Guest" to Reload your script, but the Save button is disabled. That way you can share your scripts with your friends but they can't make changes unless they know the whole user name. If you want your script to be completely private, then create a user name that has non-letters after your real name but before the underscore. Only the letters of your real name will show in the Welcome message, so people seeing it on your screen can't guess enough to log in and copy it to their computer.

Every user name must begin with a real name, but the random characters you add after that serve to hide your work from snoopers and/or people trying to mess you up. If I log in as "Tom_secretly" then anybody can log in as a guest to "Tom" to read my script. But if I log in as "Tom's_secret" the Welcome will still show only "Welcome Tom" but nobody will succeed at logging in to see whatever script I put there, they will still get the script at "Tom_secretly" unless they know the rest of front part of the user name. Yes, most browsers remember what you typed and pop up a menu with all those different user names visible to the whole world; if you know how to turn that off, you might want to consider doing it. I'm told you can open the page in a private window (also called "incognito" in Chrome).

Enough mechanics of saving and restoring your scripts. Click here to continue with the technical stuff.

I put "Help" links at the top and bottom of each page to explain everything in more detail. The one at the top left of this page is supposed to popup a separate (smaller) window but your browser may do something strange (or nothing at all); however the "Help" links at the top right and here at the bottom are just plain links. When you need help, you should try to click a "Help" link on the page where you had the problem (or later), because the Game Help pages are adjusted to where you are in the tutorial (for example, the "Help" link from this page assumes you have read the paragraphs above on User Name).

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