Preface (Chapter 0)

(Beginning Remarks by Steve)


The best way, really the the only way, to learn to program is to write programs. Programming is a skill acquired through practice. The more you program, the better you will get at programming.

So let's write a program.

I hear you saying, wait a second I can't do that, I don't know anything about programming, how am I going to write a program.

In fact you DO know a lot about programming, you just don't know it. In fact you create programs every day. Don't believe it? Let me prove it to you.

Write down how you would make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Go ahead. Just write down the steps, then turn the page.

If this sounds stupid or childish, indulge me, because the steps necessary to make a PB&J are a sequence of actions, that you perform in order from first to last which is the essence of what a computer program is. You don't need to know a computer language to write a program (you need one to write a computer program of course) but programs that people execute (the words used when you do the steps) aren't any different from the programs that computer executes so we'll start by writing programs in the language you understand.


So go ahead and write your PB&J program (steps) and then turn the page.

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