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2005 May 21 -- Open Letter to Bill Gates

Microsoft Corp
Redmond, WA  98052

Dear Mr.Gates:

I recently noticed in a news item that your company abandoned its previous prudent decision to remain neutral on political advocacy issues unrelated to the corporate core business, and capitulated to the shrill demands of a tiny minority of left-wing heterophobic bigots. You have the right in America to advocate any position you choose, but you might consider the relative proportion of your market represented by the 1.5% whose politics you have sided with, compared to the unprecedented numbers who showed up at the polls last November to vote against it.

As an information technology professional, people often ask my opinion on matters related to computers. Although it is not always practical in a monopoly-dominated market, I will nonetheless now advise them to seek alternatives to Microsoft software and game box products.

I believe it is still not too late for you to forge a corporate policy not quite so hostile to your customers' interests, and more in line with the public health needs of the country. Please let me know if your company again chooses that more enlightened way.

Tom Pittman