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2011 August 22 -- Muslim Extremists Blaspheme Their Own Prophet

The current issue of the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter features (among others) the brave Pakistani woman Asia Bibi, who was condemned to death under her country's blasphemy law for asking her Muslim coworkers,
"Our Christ sacrificed his life on the cross for our sins. What has your prophet done for you?"
It's an excellent question. The next question was not asked, but her persecutors implicitly answered it:
"Our God can fight His own battles, and without any human help at all, will send to eternal death all who oppose Him; do you believe as much about yours?"
The Muslims themselves are ashamed of their prophet and their god. They do not believe their god can do any of the mighty acts we Christians depend on the Christian God to do. By attempting to "kill the infidels" by evil human methods (beheading, shooting, burning down their houses, etc) they implicitly admit that they do not believe their god is great enough to carry out the destruction himself, nor even good enough to forbid his followers from doing such wickedness.

The Christian God is not only great and powerful, He is also Good, and commands all people everywhere (including Muslims) to do only those things to other people that we want done to ourselves, which is known as the Golden Rule. He is even Good enough to let wicked people do wicked things (such as we read of Boko Haram and ISIS), so that the whole world will know that forbidding them entry into His Heaven is Just and Right and Good. Yes, innocent people get hurt, but God will make it up to them, because "theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." Jesus said so. The Old Testament saint Job suffered great loss, but God gave him everything back double. Our God is Good as well as powerful.

A tiny number of so-called Christians have in the past lacked saving faith in the power of Almighty God, and sought to do such acts as God reserves to Himself -- the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades are often mentioned in this context -- but Muslim blasphemers every year kill many times more of their opponents than the Inquisition and the Crusades together did over their entire existence. Furthermore, most Christians (following the advice of Jesus Christ, who taught us to "love your enemies") repudiate violence against unbelievers. Our God is great enough to convert them without coercion, and often does. If there are any Muslims who are not ashamed of their prophet and their god, let them repudiate the killings and the burnings. Let their god fight his own battles.

Unless of course the Muslim blasphemers are right, and their god is as impotent as their actions tell us they believe him to be. It seems their actions might be more blasphemous than burning the Quran.

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