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2012 May 9 -- Politics as Usual

"I think same-sex couples should be able to get married." -- President Obama
I also think they should be able to do anything they want to do, so long as it's not illegal or immoral.

HOWEVER, the government has no business granting special favors to private adult activity unless it serves a valid social purpose. The two people with the greatest intrinsic interest in raising the next generation of citizens to be valuable contributors to society are their biological father and mother; persuading them to do that job well by granting them tax breaks to stay together (that is, married) is in the government interest. Offering the same benefits to people with no such possible connection, and who have already shown their disrespect for morality and the law, is contrary to the public interest.

But you couldn't expect our present President-Trainee to know that yet. He's not old enough, and he has not surrounded himself with advisors who know any more than he doesn't. Fortunately, he doesn't get to make that decision. He might refuse to enforce the law (that would be dereliction of duty, grounds for impeachment), but he cannot make the law. The King in Nine Black Robes does that.

This would be a good time for PAC money to start educating the American people on this important topic. It's not about hate, it's about biological parents raising their own children. We need to encourage that.

Obama-spelled-with-an-R (Romney) is in a good position to offer the American people a clear distinction and a good reason to vote out his opponent, but we really don't know what he believes, do we? I'd bet he doesn't either. Which way is the wind blowing today?



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