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2012 July 9 -- Judas Obaminus

1. Barack Obama lied to the American people.
"If you make under $250,000, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime." [see note 1]
The deceptively-named Affordable Care Act not only raises taxes on honest American people, it does so at a higher rate on low-income people than it does for the very rich. A person with $9501 "adjusted gross income" in 2016 (when the tax bite is fully phased in) will pay $695 in new tax to the IRS, a whopping 7.3% of their income. Absent ObamaCare, that same person would pay the IRS $0. A middle-income person earning $28,000 or more (up to about $250,000) would pay at a much lower 2.5% rate. [see note 2] The very rich, for example earning $6 million or more that year, would pay a miniscule one tenth of a percent (0.1% or less) in added ObamaCare tax. Of course each of these people can avoid the tax entirely by spending more money than the tax on insurance they cannot use and don't want. [see note 3] Or by being an American Indian, or belonging to one of the religions unConstitutionally established by the new law. People can also evade the tax by having less than $9500 in income. [see note 4]

But Obama promised to raise taxes only on the very rich; he said low- and middle income people unconditionally would not see a tax increase. I have a college degree in mathematics, and by no math I know of is $695 (or $6000) in new taxes less than "a single dime." [see note 2]

When the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare is a Constitutional new tax, President-Trainee Obama did not say "Oops," he did not say he changed his mind, he took credit for the law and his campaign people are still trying to lie about the new tax.

2. Obama wants to invade your privacy.

This one is curious, because it is usually the left-wing bigots who complain most about the government intrusion on personal privacy. Obviously excepting when they want to do it. From the so-called "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act":

The Secretary may, as the Secretary determines appropriate, incorporate reporting requirements and incentive payments related to the physician quality reporting initiative (PQRI) under section 1848, including such requirements and such payments related to electronic prescribing, electronic health records, and other similar initiatives... [p.279]

The Secretary shall provide for the coordination of relevant Federal health programs to build data capacity for comparative clinical effectiveness research, including the development and use of clinical registries and health outcomes research data networks, in order to develop and maintain a comprehensive, interoperable data network to collect, link, and analyze data on outcomes and effectiveness from multiple sources, including electronic health records. [p.622]

There's more gobbledy-gook that's even harder to understand. Google "ObamaCare requirement electronic prescription" to see what the doctors who have to do this stuff think of it. They are not happy. You shouldn't be either. It sounds optional, but that's the government's option, not yours or your doctor's. Your doctor is required to send in electronic form all your medical information to a central database, where it is available to every government bureaucrat in the country, and to every "doctor" in the world, and incidentally to every corrupt politician and computer hacker and thief in the world (especially those bad guys in Russia and China and the USA). Of course the data is "secure" (which means honest people are denied access). I have a PhD in computer science, I know. The "Patient Protection" part of this law's name is just as much a lie as the "Affordable" part.

If the data doesn't exist in a single national registry, then it cannot be easily accessed by corrupt politicians and thieves.

3. Obama's political party promotes racially-motivated genocide against people of African origin.

What we now know -- and have documented -- is that there is not one state in the union without [abortion] centers located in ZIP codes with higher percentages of blacks and/or Hispanics than the state's overall percentage. In fact, Hawaii is the only state that does not have facilities located in ZIP codes exceeding 125% of their overall percentage. Not only is this racial targeting widespread, its scale is often enormous. We found 42 states with family planning facilities in ZIP codes where the black and/or Hispanic populations exceeds 200% of the state's overall percentage. More telling is that these percentages routinely go far beyond even this level. Numerous states have facilities in ZIP codes that range from 250% to well over 1,000% and it is not uncommon for them to have facilities located in many such ZIP codes.
This is from a pro-life website, based on statistics from the abortionists themselves. Of course the killers don't like to be seen in this light, so they put their own spin on the numbers. But the fact is, they kill proportionally more black babies than white. Why would any black politician want to support that?

Why would any thinking American want a betrayer like Obama for President?

Not that Romney is much better. OK, a little better: He has repudiated his previous pro-death position, and he has more experience -- both in business (Obama has none, and it shows) and as the head of a large government. But "Robama" invented what became ObamaCare, and as far as I know, he has not repudiated his contribution to it. He says he wants to "repeal and replace" it, but with what? Another RomneyCare? I don't want that, do you?


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1. I'm sorry about this link. I used to have a link to a written transcript of Obama's promise, but it was on a left-wing-bigot media website. They took it down after they realized how bad it makes their favorite Prez look. Maybe it will disappear from YouTube too. sigh

2. In what appears to be intended as a non-partisan debunker of campaign nonsense, the discussion on the ObamaCare tax increase is less than honest. They try to balance it against a cut in SocialSecurity taxes that is scheduled to go away before the ObamaCare tax kicks in. OK, let's grant that Obama cut SocialSecurity taxes for last year and this year only. Those taxes are supposed to fund a different entitlement program that is already on the teetering edge of bankruptcy; they should be going up, not down. ObamaCare is the law today. The Supreme Court said so. And it is a tax increase. The Supreme Court said so. Just because it doesn't start to bite Americans for another two years doesn't mean it's not a tax increase. The total tax raised by the new law may be debated (until the dollars start to be paid in), but it is a tax increase, and it does hit low-income people the hardest.

Don't even trust the people who claim to be impartial, because they aren't. Do the math yourself.

3. No health insurance plan can offer the kind of medical care I get for less money without making fat-cat insurance administrators rich. Some people cannot manage their money, let the government force them to make monthly payments for high-priced insurance to even out the cost. I'm not in that set. I get better medical care by paying it out of my pocket, and it doesn't cost the taxpayer one dime. I should not be penalized and overtaxed for living responsibly, but that's what the new law does.

4. A single person can live on less than $9500/year, but not comfortably. I know, I'm in that bracket because other government laws (and the deficit) have hampered my employment opportunities. The new tax takes a huge chunk out of the first dollar I earn over $9500. That hurts.