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2018 July 24 -- Misandry

The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that she really hates men. I mentioned David Drake a couple months ago, the space-op novelist who is compelled by the publishers to conform to the Feminazi lie (where all the smart people are women, all the guys are drunken lechers), but he sabotaged that agenda in his RCN series by explicitly making his heroine and her (female) bodyguard out to be "sociopaths." This writer is Drake's mirror, where her hero can be seen after a few seconds to have "no personality. At all." The heroine then sets about to subvert the poor guy, to deny who he really is, so to force him to become her model of a flashy dresser. She succeeds. The narrator approves of this abuse.

Later in the story we learn that the writer has done a David Drake, but in reverse: her hero (the supporting character, because the heroine is lead), the guy is brain-damaged. Any guy (most guys, but me in particular) who identified with him, anybody who has the same personality type -- which she described as "no personality. At all" -- is now effectively told we are brain-damaged. This is incredibly insulting.

Did she intend the assault? I don't know. Although she is unlikely to meet real men (MBTI Thinkers) in her chosen profession (most writers are Feelers), nor in her chosen church, she grew up in a church with a disproportionate number of Thinkers (at least 3%, which is an astounding large number), but she seems to have rejected that church as part of an unhappy childhood. So maybe it's nothing more than a case of Clue Deficit Disorder, readily repaired by a good editor -- do they exist? I wouldn't know. Somebody is pushing the Feminazi agenda on writers like Drake, but he (and writers like him) successfully dodged the bullet, and we guys still have something to read.

The MBTI book that convinced me of their fundamental insights also said that as you grow older, "you tend to develop your weaker side," you build behavior patterns that compensate for your innate (personality) temperament indicators. Maybe she will mellow out when she gets a little older.

The bottom line is, we are guys. Affirmation is not so important to us as it is to women. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Women can't say that, we can. We have work to do, and we will do it -- at least those of us who survived the torrent of Feminazi abuse through the K-12 school system -- and if the chicks don't like it, well, Jesus said of people like them, "They have their reward." College -- at least the "STEM" guy disciplines -- are meritocratic, and we are still making the USA the richest country in the whole world, and in all of history. And if the guy-hating (misandrous) feminists want in, they must earn their place, just like we did.


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