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I solve hard problems (large or small) in these areas:
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APW Year 0 Control the Computer (Learn programming in Java)
A Study in Proverbs
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Thinking about What Really Matters ... See also Biological Evolution: Did It Happen?

Waking up BibleTrans
An Operating System for Real People
Using my TAG Compiler Compiler
TrakSim Java-based track simulator for testing self-driving car software
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Tiny Basic (and other Oldies)

Dr.Dobb's Journal, January 2006, page 24, is an article (written by me, of course) reviewing some of the thinking that went into TinyBasic.

People keep asking me about Tiny Basic, so I started up a page to collect the information available, including some downloads from my archives. Alas, most of it is on paper tape, which I can no longer read. You might also be interested in HTML copy of "A Short Course in Programming" for the 1802 microprocessor. It's not TinyBasic, but it's basic and tiny.

About the same time as Tiny Basic, I wrote a video game for a Hong Kong manufacturer. For what I can remember of it, see Tennis. You can also find software emulators on the collector sites.

Nobody sells CompileIt any more, but you can get it from a few archive sites (see notes).

Non-Technical Stuff

This cartoon resonates with me. I don't remember where I first saw it, but I liked it so much I commissioned a local artist to recreate it (perfectly legal, because she never saw the original, so it's not a "copy" in the sense of copyright). Sometimes I feel like the gun vendor trying to help people win their battles; other times, like the lord of the castle, I feel too overwhelmed by my own battles to look aside at new ideas. I hope not too often. This section is about some of those other things.

The Revolving Church Door is a collection of essays originally intended to represent one side of controversial or debatable topics, for the purpose of helping people to think about the issues involved, plus a few introspective meditations that I didn't know where else to put. Unfortunately, people don't want to analyze the issues. There was no debate. Maybe taking some of these positions in a public forum contributed to my termination at SBU, but I doubt it.


More and more I am seeing a serious disconnect between the religion taught in American churches (which I call "Relationshipism"), and the religion taught in the Bible, the First and Second Great Commandments (1+2C). Jesus Christ brings to us the desire and ability to obey 1+2C, and erases the karma that holds us back. There may be relationship here, but it's not what is taught in the Bible. If you are in full (or even merely pretty-good) compliance with 1+2C, it tends to be an awesome imitation of Relationshipism, which all good Relationshipists will (incorrectly) recognize as such, but without all the disappointments and dishonesty inherent in actual Relationshipism. Here are some essays and blog posts that explain my emerging perspective (I apologize for the overlap and repetition as I grew into this understanding):

The arguments (For and) Against Relationshipism, why it is not and cannot be taught in the Bible
The Counterfeit Religion of Relationships, comparing Relationshipism to 1+2C
Relationships, concluding that people mean "affirmation" by that word ("not-angry")
Relationshipism, defining the term (2008 October 31 blog post)
"Love" in Fiction, how men understand "love" and "relationship"
God of Truth, a draft of what might eventually become a book
Men Are from Mars, a list of specific Thinker/Feeler differences
Two Cultures, an early treatment connecting the idea to hypocrisy
The bottom of this page, a challenge to do something about it
Getting Men into the Church through Apologetics, what one church is doing about it
Thinker/Feeler Distinction (08 October 27 blog post)
Relationshipism at Work (Vulnerability) and (Cinema), blog posts exploring how this idea impacts the real world
Team Player, relating Relationshipism to team play

Book Reviews

Half of the American people are MBTI Thinkers.
The American evangelical church is controlled and operated
exclusively by and for the benefit of the other half.
What are you doing to make Thinkers welcome in the church?
If you do not understand the problem, you are part of the problem.
If you find this message offensive, you are part of the problem. Fixup
I Hate OSX
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