Learn Programming in Java

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You Already Know How (in "English")

Fall 2022
0. English IDE / Sandwich IDE
1. PBJ in English (video=10m) (P=0)

English Computer Reference Manual

Programming in Java

10. Introduction: Java's Six Things

Build Your Own Game in Java

Kitchen Computer Reference Manual


Things You Need to Know in Java
The APCS Exam
Useful Tech Issues
Six Things
Why 6? Why Not Objects? Why Java?
Flat vs the Real World

GameEngine Documents

The Itty Bitty GameEngine -- Overview
Your Own Java Game -- Step by step tutorial to build a simple "Pong" game
Class GameWgt -- The visual components of a GameEngine game
Overriding GameEvent -- The programmatic components of a GameEngine game
Widget Specification Text -- File format for GameMaker.txt and how to make your own
Programming Tic-Tac-Toe -- Start in English, then ASCII graphics, then GameEngine, finally AI
Some Game Ideas Using the GameEngine -- Some more challenging projects

Trouble-Shooting GameEngine

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