Event-Driven Hangman

(Using GameEngine)

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This page re-implements the previous Hangman game as event-driven in the GameEngine, as part of a course on programming in Java (which starts here). If you have not yet programmed the text/console version of Hangman, you might want to go back and do that.

If you have not yet programmed anything in GameEngine, you might want to begin reading the tutorial on GameMaker, and then done an easier program, like Pong in the GameMaker or the Calculator. Then come back here.


As always, we begin by thinking about what this program needs to do. This is different from what the text-based Hangman did, because the computer is relinquishing control to the (human) user, where it belongs.

In the next page we will write the Java code for this calculator.

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Revised: 2020 November 4